Collaborations & Contract Research


Presently, we have been working in collaborations with different US, European and National organizations.

NTU, Singapore- We have been working in collaboration with Assoc Prof Justin DAUWELS, Associate Professor,  Deputy Director, ST Engineering - NTU Corporate Laboratory, ERIAN Cluster Director Smart Mobility (Autonomous Vehicles), School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore for validation of a technology ““Neurobrowser”. 

Software “Neurobrowser” to upload ElectroEncephalograms (EEG) to the cloud, visualize the EEG in a web-based browser, and also automatically detect epileptic spikes in the EEG. The software can run on any web browser on desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. The spike detection method has been developed and tested on EEGs of hundreds of patients at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and was trained with 35,000 labeled spikes. This database of epileptic spikes is the largest in the world by far, and allowed the team to design a reliable spike detection system. This system helps the doctors to analyze the EEG, and diagnose patients for epilepsy more accurately and faster.  We have been providing platform for validation of  Neurobrowser in different  medical colleges and hospitals in India.

Microcare Laboratory - TB & Swine Flu Test – Surat (RNTCP):

Patanjali Pharma Pvt Ltd., Mumbai is working in collaboration with Microcare Laboratory - TB & Swine Flu Test  (RNTCP) ( for Tuberculosis Research.


Contract Research:

We are providing contract research services (under suitable MOU) for the following research projects:

1.Rapid Diagnostic Tests

2.Generation of Real Time Data for Child Malnutrition

3.Preclinical and clinical studies

4.Formulation Development, Characterization and Evaluation

5.Ayurvedic drugs and their applications